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Fatah official: Israel is “the factory of terror in the Middle East”

Headline: "Alayan: We and sister Jordan are subjected to the same terror, even if the means are different"

"[Official Fatah Spokesman in Jerusalem and] Fatah Movement leadership member Raafat Alayan condemned the act of terror that was carried out against security officials and Jordanian civilians yesterday [Dec. 18, 2016] in the Karak district (i.e., terror attack in Karak, Jordan, 7 Jordanian policemen, 2 Jordanian civilians, and 1 Canadian tourist killed), and emphasized that the members of the Palestinian people are standing alongside Jordan against the terror directed against the security and stability of sister Jordan.

This was said in a press statement in response to what occurred yesterday in the Jordanian Karak district. Alayan emphasized that the Palestinian people is subjected daily to the same terror by the Israeli occupation government that kills the members of our people, persecutes [our people], and defiles our holy sites…

Alayan noted that the Israeli occupation is the factory of the terror in the Middle East, and that the struggle against terror will begin first with applying pressure to the Israeli occupation to stop its violations against the Palestinian people and retreat from all of the Palestinian territories."

Karak attack - an attack claimed by ISIS against Jordanian forces in Al-Karak on 18 December, 2016, which resulted in 14 dead and 37 injured. 5 attackers were also killed in the attack.