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Fatah condemns attack on “innocents wherever they are” after Berlin attack, but continues to promote terror against Israeli civilians

Headline: “[Fatah Spokesman in Europe Jamal] Nazzal: Fatah opposes attacks on innocents”
         “The Fatah Movement expressed its solidarity with the German people and its parties the morning after the terror attack that took place in the evening two days ago [Dec. 19, 2016] in the capital of Germany, Berlin (a terrorist of Tunisian origin who had pledged allegiance to ISIS ran a truck into a Christmas market in Berlin, murdering 12 people and injuring 48. He was killed in a shootout with police in Italy on Dec. 23, 2016 –Ed.).
Fatah Spokesman in Europe Dr. Jamal Nazzal said: ‘Our Movement opposes attacks on innocents, whatever the context, time, and place may be, on the basis of its belief in justice, life, and peace in the world.’ […]
He continued: ‘We are from a land that has suffered continuously for many decades from terror attacks by the occupation, its government, and its settlers, and we have experienced solidarity from the whole world with our right to defend ourselves from the racist aggression of the violent occupation regime. Likewise, we expect that they will continue to show solidarity with us based on the fundamental principles that press us to oppose terror against our people and all peoples of the world.’”