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Fatah celebrates its murdering 116 Israelis

Itamar Marcus  |
Fatah celebrates its murdering 116 Israelis

Fatah brags of its "10 most outstanding operations"
and "10 most outstanding operations during the Intifada"
on its official Facebook page



Itamar Marcus

As Fatah continues to promote and celebrate terror on an almost daily basis, one questions why the international community is not categorizing Fatah as a terror organization.

On two consecutive days this month, Fatah celebrated on its Facebook page 10 different "most outstanding" terror attacks - in total 20 attacks that killed 78 adult civilians, 16 soldiers, and 22 children.

In the first post, Fatah celebrated "the 10 most outstanding operations" of all times - 10 terror attacks from Fatah's 52 years of existence. In the second post, Fatah took pride in its "10 most outstanding operations in the Al-Aqsa Intifada," - attacks the organization carried out during the PA terror campaign from 2000-2005 (the second Intifada). Some of the attacks were "outstanding" because of the numbers killed, like the bus hijacking that left 37 murdered. Others were "outstanding" even though they failed because they were milestones in Fatah history, such as Fatah's first terrorist attack which targeted the Israeli National Water Carrier ("The Eilabun operation"), and its first attack on civilians ("Kfar Hess operation"). 

The post celebrating Fatah terror since its founding was quickly removed, but fortunately 
Palestinian Media Watch had already saved a screenshot. The image shows the PA map of "Palestine" that includes all of Israel together with the PA areas as "Palestine." The Fatah logo with its grenade and rifles appears on the map in the center of the post. On both sides of the map are images representing terror attacks and murders - what Fatah calls its "outstanding operations," in chronological order from right to left (details of the attacks, including numbers killed, appear below):

Posted text: "The most outstanding operations (i.e., terror attacks) of #Fatah_52"

Text at top of image: "The 10 most outstanding Fatah Movement operations"

"The Eilabun operation
Dec. 31, 1964 (sic., Jan. 1, 1965, attempted bombing of Israel's National Water Carrier)

The Beit Jirin (sic., Jibrin) operation
Jan. 8, 1965 (sic., Jan. 7, 1965, attempted bombing of water institute at Moshav Nehusha)

The Kfar Hess operation
Feb. 28, 1965 (i.e., bombing attack, Fatah's first attack on civilians, no injuries)

The Tel Al-Arba'in Battle
April 28, 1966 (i.e., Israeli army operation in response to terror attacks, during which four homes in the Arab village of Qal'at in the Beit Shean area were blown up after being evacuated. The Israeli forces came under fire from Tel Al-Arba'in during the operation)

The Al-Karameh battle
March 12, 1968 (sic., March 21, 1968, Israel attacked Karameh, Jordan, which Fatah was using as a base to launch terror attacks on Israel.) 

The Munich airport operation
Sept. 5, 1972 (i.e., Munich Olympics Massacre, 11 Israeli athletes murdered.)

The Savoy Hotel operation
April 7, 1975 (sic., March 1975, terrorists took hostages in a hotel, 11 murdered)

The Martyr (Shahid) Kamal Adwan operation
March 11, 1978 (i.e., Coastal Road Massacre, 37 Israelis murdered, 12 of them children, in terrorist bus hijacking)

The Capture operation
Sept. 3, 1982 (sic., Sept. 4, 1982, 8 Israeli soldiers captured)

The Dimona Nuclear Reactor Bombing
March 7, 1988 (i.e., Mothers' Bus attack, 3 women murdered on bus on the way to work at the reactor)"
[Official Fatah Facebook page, Dec. 16, 2016]

The second Fatah post included a similar image and celebrated 10 of Fatah's terror attacks during the PA's terror campaign 2000-2005 (the second Intifada):

Across the map is the repeating text: "Fatah was here."

Posted text: "Fatah's most outstanding operations in the Al-Aqsa Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005)

Text at top of image: "Fatah's 10 most outstanding operations in the Al-Aqsa Intifada"

"The Ministry of Defense headquarters operation
Aug. 5, 2001 (i.e., shooting attack at the Israeli ministry and military headquarters in Tel Aviv, 10 wounded)

The Hadera operation
Jan. 18, 2002 (sic., Jan. 17, 2002, shooting attack on civilians during a Bat Mitzvah celebration in Hadera, 6 murdered and dozens injured)

The Ein Arik operation
Feb. 19, 2002 (i.e., shooting attack at Ein Arik checkpoint west of Ramallah, 6 Israeli soldiers murdered)

The Beit Yisrael neighborhood operation
March 2, 2002 (i.e., suicide bombing, attacking families exiting from a Bar Mitzva celebration. 11 murdered, including 2 babies and 3 children)

The Wadi Al-Haramiya operation
March 3, 2002 (i.e., shooting attack, 7 Israeli soldiers and 3 Israeli civilians murdered)

The operation of female Martyr (Shahid) Ayyat Al-Akhras
March 29, 2002 (i.e., suicide bombing near a Jerusalem supermarket, 2 murdered and 28 injured)

The operation of female Martyr Andalib Takatka
April 12, 2002 (i.e., suicide bombing in the center of Jerusalem, 6 murdered and over 80 injured)

The Itamar settlement operation
May 28, 2002 (i.e., shooting attack at a high school, 3 murdered and 2 injured)

The Hermesh settlement operation
June 30, 2003 (sic., Oct. 29, 2002, 3 murdered, 2 of them children)

The French Hill neighborhood operation
June 19, 2004 (sic., June 19, 2002, suicide bombing at French Hill junction, 7 murdered and 50 injured)"
[Official Fatah Facebook page, Dec. 17, 2016]

In all killed 78 adult civilians, 16 soldiers, and 22 children, a total of 116 Israelis were murdered by Fatah terrorists in these 20 terror attacks that they boasted about last week.

The following are longer descriptions of the 20 terror attacks Fatah celebrated last week:

Bombing of Israel's National Water Carrier - On Jan. 1, 1965, Palestinian terrorists attempted to bomb Israel's National Water Carrier. This was the first attack against Israel carried out by Fatah. Fatah refers to the attack as the "Intilaqa", meaning "the Launch" of Fatah.

The Karameh battle, or Al-Karameh - On March 21, 1968, Israeli army forces attacked the town of Karameh in Jordan, where Fatah terrorists had been launching attacks on Israel. Although Israel prevailed militarily, Arafat used the event for propaganda purposes, declaring the battle a great victory that erased the disgrace of the 1967 Six Day War defeat.

The Munich Massacre - a terrorist attack perpetrated by the Palestinian terror organization Black September during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, in which they murdered 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team.

Savoy terror attack: In March 1975, eight terrorists traveled by boat from Lebanon to a Tel Aviv beach. They took over the Savoy Hotel and took guests as hostages. The next morning, Israeli forces attacked and killed seven of the terrorists. Eight hostages and three soldiers were killed by the terrorists during the attack.

Kamal Adwan was responsible for Fatah's terrorist operations in Israel and was a senior member of Black September. He was killed by Israeli forces in April 1973.

Coastal Road Massacre - In March 1978, a group of Fatah terrorists from Lebanon led by Dalal Mughrabi hijacked a bus on Israel's Coastal Highway. Confronted by the Israeli army, the terrorists killed many of the passengers on the bus, in total 37 civilians,12 of them children, and wounded more than 70. The attack, orchestrated by arch-terrorist Abu Jihad (Khalil Al-Wazir), is known in Israel as the Coastal Road Massacre.

The capture of 8 Israeli soldiers in Lebanon - On Sept. 4, 1982, 8 Israeli soldiers were captured by Fatah terrorists in Bhamadoun, Lebanon. Two of them were handed to the PFLP and 6 were held by Fatah. Fatah released the 6 soldiers on Nov. 23, 1983 as part of an exchange deal in which Israel released 4,700 terrorists that were held in Lebanon and 65 terrorists held in Israel.

Mothers' Bus attack - On March 7, 1988, Muhammad Abd Al-Qader Muhammad Issa, Muhammad Khalil Saleh Al-Khanafi, and Abdallah Abd Al-Majid Muhammad Kallab hijacked a bus carrying workers to the Negev Nuclear Research Center in Dimona, and murdered 3 of its passengers - Miriam Ben-Yair, Rina Shiratky and Victor Ram. The attack is referred to as the Mothers' Bus attack because many of the passengers were working mothers. The terrorists were all killed by an Israel Police counter-terrorism unit that stormed the bus.

Attacks during the PA terror campaign, 2000-2005:

Hadera Bat Mitzvah attack - Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah's military wing) terrorist Abd Al-Salam Hassouna attacked a Bat Mitzvah celebration, shooting and murdering 6 Israelis on Jan. 17, 2002, at a hall in Hadera. Abd Al-Salam was shot and killed by Israeli police during the attack.
Ein Arik attack - Palestinian terrorists shot and murdered 6 Israeli soldiers - Moshe Eini, Benny Kikis, Mark Podolsky, Erez Turgeman, Tamir Atsmi, and Michael Oxsman - at the Ein Arik military checkpoint, west of Ramallah, on Feb. 19, 2002. Shadi Said Al-Saaideh, one of the participants in the attack, was later apprehended and sentenced to 8 life sentencees for his involvement in this attack and others.

Beit Yisrael Yeshiva suicide bombing - On March 2, 2002, Muhammad Daraghmeh Al-Shou'ani carried out a suicide bombing at the entrance to a yeshiva in the Beit Yisrael neighborhood of Jerusalem, shortly after a bar-mitzvah celebration had taken place there. 11 people were killed in the attack, among them children and babies, and 50 were injured. The Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades, Fatah's military wing, claimed responsibility for the attack.

Wadi Al-Haramiya attack - Palestinian terrorist Thaer Hammad shot and murdered 3 Israeli civilians and 7 Israeli soldiers in Wadi Al-Haramiya, between Ramallah and Nablus, on March 3, 2002. Hammad is serving 11 life sentences for these murders.

Ayyat Al-Akhras - The youngest female Palestinian suicide bomber (aged 17). A member of Fatah, Al-Akhras blew herself up near a Jerusalem supermarket on March 29, 2002, killing 2 and wounding 28.

Andalib Khalil Muhammad Suleiman or Andalib Takatka - Female suicide bomber from Fatah who blew herself up on Jaffa Road in Jerusalem on April 12, 2002, killing 6 and wounding more than 80.

Itamar attack - Palestinian terrorist and Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah's military wing) member Habash Hanani shot and murdered 3 Israeli students and wounded 2 others in an attack on a high school in the town of Itamar, near Nablus, on May 28, 2002. Hanani was shot and killed during the attack by one of the town's residents. Mansour Shrein, another Palestinian terrorist who was involved in the attack is serving 14 life sentences for this and other attacks.

Hermesh attack - An unknown Palestinian terrorist shot and murdered 3 Israelis, two 14-year-old girls, Linoy Saroussi and Hadas Turgeman, and a woman, Orna Eshel, and injured 2 others in the town of Hermesh, west of Jenin. The terrorist was shot and killed during the attack. Muhammad Naifeh "Abu Rabia", a Palestinian terrorist and Tanzim (Fatah terror faction) member who was involved in the attack, is serving 13 life sentences for this and other attacks.

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