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Fatah: UN vote means Fatah will kill Israelis

Itamar Marcus  |
Did Fatah thank 14 countries
for granting it permission to kill Israelis?
Fatah cartoons:
Before UN vote
After UN vote: “Thank You!”

Itamar Marcus

Three days ago Fatah’s official Facebook page posted a drawing of its map of “Palestine,” which includes all of Israel and painted like the Palestinian flag, being used to stab the word “settlement.” The text above the image: “#Palestine will defeat the settlement ” (Above left)

Yesterday in response to the UN Security Council resolution 
declaring Israeli settlements illegal, Fatah republished the identical image but added a pool of blood at the bottom, and the words “Thank You” above the image, and the names of the 14 countries that voted in favor of the UN resolution. (Above right)

Is Fatah thanking the 14 countries for their UN vote because they interpret the UN as granting Fatah permission to kill Israelis? Or is Fatah thanking them because now that the UN declared settlements “illegal” it sees itself free to kill more Israelis?

Either way Fatah is saying more Israelis will pay with their lives as a result of the UN vote.

The 14 countries thanked by Fatah are:

Russia, Angola, Ukraine, Japan, Spain, Egypt, Malaysia, Venezuela, New Zealand, Senegal, Uruguay, France, China, and Britain.

The United States, whose abstention actually enabled the resolution to pass, is not mentioned.