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Look what your help accomplished in 2016: 

Foreign GovernmentsIsraeli GovernmentNGOsWorld Media

"Palestinian Media Watch showed how the PA sought to deceive international donors..."  
[MP Joan Ryan, Labour Party in UK Parliament, June 13, 2016]

"Anyone in this parliament who has been to the many sessions of Palestinian Media Watch that have taken place here over the last 15 years has seen some of the appalling material..."    
[MP Michael Danby, Labour in Australian Parliament, Nov. 22, 2016]

"Antisemitic statements and incitement to violence by Palestinian leaders are documented by Palestinian Media Watch... Aid to Palestine should therefore be conditioned."                       
 [MP Mikael Oscarsson, in Swedish Parliament, Jan. 19, 2016]
"The Norwegian Foreign Ministry confirms Palestinian Media Watch's claim."    [TV news report, NRK TV (Norway), April 24, 2016]
"Itamar Marcus [PMW director]... has documented the flow of money to the [terrorist] prisoners... " German MP Volker Beck: "Supporting people who have committed terrorist acts against Israel or Israeli citizens cannot be funded under any circumstances by the PA, when Germany supports them financially."     [TV news report, Channel 1 (Germany), Aug. 25, 2016]
"The donor community is helping the PA basically pay people to slay other people and then a stipend is given..."  
[Congressman Ed Royce referring to PMW report
 in House Foreign Affairs Committee, April 13, 2016]

After receiving PMW report, Dutch Parliament passed this motion:"There must be financial consequences if the PA continues [to pay the terror salaries exposed by PMW]"
[June 9, 2016]
"[I'm puzzled by] the minister's self-confidence when he rejects that Danish aid money may have gone to this [PA] salary program for terrorists [exposed by Palestinian Media Watch]."       
 [MP Klaus Kvist Hansen, Danish Parliament website, May 17, 2016]

and many, many more...

In 2016 PMW impacted Israeli diplomacy, law and justice, intelligence, and Hasbara:

PM Benjamin Netanyahu cited 10 PMW findings in Sept. UN speech, to illustrate PA indoctrination of an average Palestinian child

Foreign Ministry regularly requested and cited PMW sources.

Prime Minister's Spokesperson cited PMW finding regularly.

Army Spokesperson cited PMW findings regularly.

Israeli Ambassador to Sweden invited PMW for meetings with Swedish Foreign Ministry and Prime Minister's officials, think tanks and media

Israeli Knesset suspended 3 Arab MPs for event with families of terrorists. PMW invited to Knesset Committee to supply the evidence.

Israeli Prosecution conviction of PA's terror promoting MP Khalida Jarrar - sentenced to 15 months in prison, based on PMW-supplied evidence to prosecutors.

Israeli Police requested evidence from PMW, led to conviction of Khaled Al-Mughrabi - sentenced to 11 months in prison, for incitement in speeches in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Israeli Knesset passed new law in response to PMW report ["Eviction Law", approved July 20, 2016].

Defense Ministry prohibited screening of Palestinian TV channel Ma'an in Israeli prisons, after PMW exposed Ma'an TV lauding terrorists.

PM Netanyahu cited PMW findings in a viral video - "My Message to President Abbas

Israel Courts - Victims of terror used PMW as expert witness, PMW wrote "opinions" for court and gave evidence in trials. Cases ongoing.

COGAT (Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories), cites PMW sources regularly. 
and many, many more...


In 2016, PMW worked in cooperation with and supplied many dozens of NGO's:

The Lawfare Project used PMW material to demand that FIFA investigate the Palestinian Football Association on behalf of international lawyers.

Shurat Hadin: Hundreds of documents supplied to US lawyers by PMW working with Shurat Hadin in lawsuit of terror victims. 

Zionist Federation of Britain: PMW trained hundreds of ZF activists for Lobby Day meetings with MPs and supplied material.

Stand With US: PMW spent weekend training 150 college students to use PMW materials on college campuses.

World Zionist Organization invited PMW to travel to Sweden to address MPs and activists.

CAMERA regularly based arguments on PMW findings.

Zionist Organization of America regularly based its arguments on PMW findings.

BICOM regularly distributed PMW reports to British media 

Simon Wiesenthal Center cited PMW as the source for demanding that FIFA reject Palestinian attempts to expel Israel Football Association and eliminate Israeli teams.

Australia UK Israel Leadership Dialogue: briefed MPs before their meeting with PA.

Israel Allies Caucus: lectured to MPs.

Gatestone Institute released PMW reports.

Hasbara Fellowships cited PMW regularly 

Students Supporting Israel invited PMW to US campuses to lectures and used PMW material in its campus information campaigns

UK Lawyers for Israel used PMW material in its reports.

Reservists on Duty coordinated activities and information materials with PMW

Supplied counter-BDS activists with material to put the PA on the defensive
and many, many more...

"The post garnered additional attention after it was translated into English by Palestinian Media Watch ..." 
                                                          [New York Times, Aug. 4, 2016]
"Itamar Marcus, director of Palestinian Media Watch, said that the incitement comes from official Palestinian sources - it is not so relevant what ordinary Palestinian kids say, but what the Palestinian Authority airs on media outlets it controls..."
[Washington Post, Jan. 25, 2016]
"A devastating new report released this week by Palestinian Media Watch..."
[The Mail on Sunday (UK), March 27, 2016]
"PMW has been making a mark in a world usually dominated by ineffective Hasbara..."
[Israel Hayom (Israel), March 9, 2016]
"Palestinian Media Watch provide[s] translations of what the local mainly state-controlled media are showing... A lot of it is hate speech - but PMW is exposing it."
[New York Post, March 12, 2016]
"Itamar Marcus has long complained that Palestinian schools educate students to hate..."                                                                                           
    [New York Times, April 1, 2016]

"Palestinian Media Watch has documented multiple examples of Rajoub's praise for terrorism and incitement to murder."
[The Boston Globe, Aug. 2, 2016]

"The post was translated by Israeli media watchdog Palestinian Media Watch..."
[Newsweek, Aug. 4, 2016]
"Abbas and the PA have a long record of engaging in anti-Semitic incitement. As anyone who reads essential websites like Palestinian Media Watch ( [is aware]."
   [Commentary Magazine, June 28, 2016]
"[UK Labor MP] Joan Ryan has called for department for international development payments to be suspended pending an investigation following claims from Palestinian Media Watch."                     
            [Jewish News, May 3, 2016]
"Itamar Marcus, the head of Palestinian Media Watch shows the Europeans the endless Palestinian sports tournaments and schools named after those who have stabbed or shot Israelis to death."
[Boston Herald, April 12, 2016]
"The segment was flagged by Palestinian Media Watch. Director Itamar Marcus noted that the Palestinian Authority..."                                                
   [Fox News, Feb. 18, 2016]
"No wonder the killer's family is so proud of him. His mother told a local news outlet: 'My son is a hero...' according to a translation from Palestinian Media Watch."
[Bloomberg View, July 1, 2016]
"PMW has been as busy as ever monitoring the scourge of Jew-hatred in Palestinian society."         
[Jewish Journal, July 1, 2016]
"It was important to bring Palestinian Media Watch to come and give that context and story to people."
[Rudy Rochman,Students Supporting Israel at Columbia University,
Jerusalem Post, Nov. 2, 2016
Israeli and international TV and radio also interviewed PMW many times as experts on the PA and PA terror.

and many, many more....

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