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Message from PMW director Itamar Marcus

Itamar Marcus  |


Dec. 29, 2016
Dear friend,
The recent UN resolution condemning Israel is a gross misrepresentation of reality. PMW's findings prove that Palestinian Authority hate and terror promotion are the fundamental impediments to peace. PMW has exposed unremitting evidence of a PA leadership that has actively created a hate-filled Palestinian society, by its routine naming of schools and sporting events after murderers, salary payments to terrorist prisoners, instilling Antisemitism among its children, and the outlawing of peace-promoting activities.
As I am writing this, Israeli PM Netanyahu has just posted on his Facebook page PMW's recent release (see right), 
writing in Hebrew:
"Does anyone need further proof that the UN's shameful decision only distances peace?"
Significantly, as more of the world is being exposed to PMW's material, greater clarity as to the true nature of the Palestinian Authority is being achieved internationally. This shift is culminating in revisions in international policy.
I am asking that you help today at this historic juncture, to enable PMW to expand the international impact we had in 2016 on governments, media, NGOs, and campuses to an even greater extent in 2017.


Thanking you in advance!

Itamar Marcus, Director

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