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12.7 million Palestinians in the world

Headline: "The Bureau of Statistics: The number of Palestinians stands at approximately 12.7 million"
"The [Palestinian Central] Bureau of Statistics said that the estimated number of Palestinians in the world has reached approximately 12.7 million Palestinians – 4.88 million in the State of Palestine, approximately 1.53 million Palestinians in Israel, approximately 5.59 million in Arab states, and approximately 696,000 in foreign states. This data appeared in a report that the Bureau of Statistics published yesterday [Dec. 29, 2016], and in it Director of the Bureau of Statistics Ola Awad surveyed the situation of the Palestinians at the end of 2016…
The refugee rate stands at approximately 41.9% of all of the Palestinian residents who are living in the State of Palestine – 26% [of those] in the West Bank and 66.7% [of those] in the Gaza Strip."