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Fatah official warns against "igniting the region" and instigating "a new religous war" by moving the US embassy to Jerusalem

Headline: "Issa: Transferring the American embassy to Jerusalem will ignite a religious war in the region"
"Expert on international law, Fatah Revolutionary Council member [and Secretary-General of the PA Islamic-Christian Council for Jerusalem and the Holy Places] Dr. Hanna Issa warned against igniting the region if the American embassy is transferred to occupied Jerusalem, and warned of a religious war. Issa said in an interview with Radio Mawtini today, Sunday [Jan. 8, 2017]: 'I cannot predict what the response will be to the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem,' and noted that if the US transfers its embassy, it will explicitly violate international law. Likewise, he warned of a new religious war, and emphasized that transferring the American embassy to occupied Jerusalem is in contradiction of the international resolutions. Issa emphasized that Jerusalem is under the administration of the occupation regime, and it is forbidden to apply sovereignty to occupied land. He noted that transferring the American embassy to Jerusalem contradicts US foreign policy, which it has expressed since 1974, according to which Jerusalem is one of the holy sites on a global level and East Jerusalem is an occupied area that is subject to the law of belligerent occupation, and it is forbidden to the occupation state to change its characteristics."
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