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DFLP: Truck ramming attack is “part of the Palestinian resistance, which is one of the hoists of the Palestinian national struggle” and “a legal right anchored in international law”

Headline: “Abu Tharifa: The [car] ramming is a natural response to the policy lines of the occupation”
     “Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP) political bureau member Talal Abu Tharifa said that the [car] ramming operation (i.e., terror attack, 4 murdered, 15 wounded) that took place today [Jan. 8, 2017] in occupied Jerusalem comes as part of the Palestinian resistance, which is one of the hoists of the Palestinian national struggle. Likewise, he said that this is a legal right anchored in international law and all the resolutions of the international bodies.
Abu Tharifa added during an interview with the Al-Ghad satellite news channel that all of the types of Palestinian resistance operations are included as part of the natural response to the policy of crimes and terror that the Israeli occupation is committing today against all of the members of the Palestinian people, its holy sites, and its land. Likewise, he noted that the resistance forces cannot raise a white flag before the occupation in light of its unfair policy lines, and in the shadow of the silence of the international community.
Abu Tharifa clarified that the occupation must learn lessons from this operation, and that as long as it continues its policy lines and actions, the resistance will not be able to be silent. The response of the resistance comes out of understanding that the equation is not only one sided, but rather also includes an active Palestinian side.
Likewise, he emphasized that it is necessary to turn this intifada of the young people into a comprehensive popular intifada that will include all sectors of the society, which will allow it to clash on a daily basis with the despicable Israeli occupation.”
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Fadi Al-Qanbar – 28-year-old Palestinian terrorist who on Jan. 8, 2017, murdered 4 Israeli soldiers – officer Yael Yekutiel, 20, and cadets Shir Hajaj, 22, Shira Tzur, 20, and Erez Orbach, 20 – and wounded over 15 other soldiers in a truck ramming attack at the Haas Promenade in Armon Hanatziv, in southeast Jerusalem. After ramming into the soldiers at high speed, Al-Qanbar ran over the wounded soldiers again repeatedly, until an armed civilian guide shot and killed the terrorist. Al-Qanbar, from the Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber, supported ISIS online.

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