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PA Foreign Ministry: Terrorist stabber was “executed in cold blood” who "died as a Martyr"

Headline: “[PA] Foreign Ministry: The execution of Al-Salehi is state terror that necessitates an international move”
“The [PA] Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that a force from the occupation army committed a new crime when they invaded the Al-Fara’a refugee camp early Tuesday morning [Jan. 10, 2017], and frightened the residents by breaking into their homes in the style of criminal gangs, including the home of Martyr (Shahid) and released prisoner Muhammad Al-Salehi (32). The occupation soldiers executed him in cold blood (he tried to stab them, and they shot and killed him in defense –Ed.) in front of his mother, and left him to bleed on the ground until he died as a Martyr, without allowing [anyone] to provide him with aid.”

Muhammad Al-Salehi – Palestinian terrorist who attempted to stab Israeli soldiers with a knife on Jan. 10, 2017, as they conducted arrests in the Al-Fara’a refugee camp, south of Jenin. Al-Salehi was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers during the attack.