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PA TV libel: Israel “desecrates holy sites, and kills women, children and the elderly”

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Official PA TV host: "Most of the program's viewers today [Jan. 14, 2017], or perhaps all of them, expect us to talk about the electricity problem in Gaza in this program. That is what the Israeli occupation wants, and everyone that thinks like it. That is what everyone who does not love the Palestinian people and everyone who does not want the Palestinian people to receive its rights wants. They want us to move away and divert the path from the top and first goal of the Palestinian people, which is the liberation of its land and the liberation of the human being, the Palestinian human being, from everything that the Israeli enemy imposes on him. And therefore in this program we will not discuss the problem of the power outages in the Gaza Strip that sadden us and all members of the Palestinian people, as the basic goal is that the talk will not be turned inward, but rather toward the Israeli occupation that steals our land, desecrates the sites that are holy to us, and kills our children, our women, and our elderly without mercy or a conscience, and without any consideration for international law. Therefore we will devote our program today to the Paris Conference (i.e., part of the French Peace Initiative) that will take place tomorrow [Jan. 15, 2017]."

The French Initiative – A peace initiative proposed by the French PM Hollande’s government in 2015 aimed at reviving peace negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians. A one-day summit was held in Paris on June 3, 2016, attended by foreign ministers of the US, EU countries, and several Arab countries, for the purpose of advancing the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. At the end of the summit, participants issued a joint communique supporting a negotiated two-state solution and proposing an international conference before the end of the year. Israelis and Palestinians did not participate in this first summit, the purpose of which was to establish a framework for renewed negotiations between the two.

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