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Fatah branch secretary: US embassy move will "lead to the destruction of the peace process and to an explosion of all of the agreements"

Headline: "The Jerusalem branch [of Fatah] demands an international deterrent position on what is happening in Jerusalem"
"The Jerusalem branch of the Fatah Movement yesterday [Jan. 14, 2017] demanded an international, Arab, and Islamic deterrent position in order to dissuade the occupation from its attacks and violations against everything Palestinian in the occupied capital. This was said by Fatah Jerusalem [Branch] Secretary Adnan Ghaith who demanded a tough and firm position [be taken against it] in order to prevent the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem. He warned against the determination of US President-elect Donald Trump to transfer the embassy, and said that this step will lead to the destruction of the peace process and to an explosion of all of the agreements and decisions that were ratified on the matter. He added: 'For a long time the US has been an inseparable part of the sponsorship for signing peace agreements, and here, today, through this decision, it defends the occupation and makes different decisions than those agreed upon in the past. This contradicts all of the international decisions, conventions, and norms, and the entire world – and primarily the US and the occupation – must bear the results of this step and others.’"
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