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Fatah official: we will continue to resist “through all means” [i.e including violence]

Headline: “Alayan: If the Paris conference fails to implement the decisions of the international bodies, it will legitimize terror”

“Fatah Movement [Spokesman in Jerusalem and] leadership member Raafat Alayan said that what is required today [Jan. 15, 2017] of the Paris conference, in which 70 countries are taking part including the US, Russia, and China, alongside the Arab League and international institutions, is just to implement the decisions of the international bodies. Alayan said that today we ask the world to bear its responsibilities regarding the bullying and terror of Israel against the unarmed Palestinian people, who only wants to be independent in its independent state whose capital is Jerusalem…
Alayan concluded by saying: ‘The Palestinian people is determined to establish its independent Palestinian state whose capital is Jerusalem, whatever the cost may be, and our people will continue to resist the occupation through all means ‎(term here refers to events that include violence against Israeli civilians such as rock-‎throwing, stabbings, and even shootings –Ed.), and will not raise the white flag, and this is our promise to our Martyrs (Shahids) and prisoners.”

Paris Peace Conference - A peace conference was held in Paris on Jan. 15, 2017, attended by representatives from over 70 countries, but with no representatives from Israel or the PA. The conference issued a declaration calling for a negotiated peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians based on the two-state solution and praising UN Security Council Resolution 2334. Britain and Australia refused to sign the declaration, with Britain arguing that the declaration, which was made as part of the French Peace Initiative, might harden the Palestinian negotiating position, particularly given its timing right before the inauguration of US President Donald Trump’s administration. The following day Britain blocked the EU Foreign Affairs Council from adopting the declaration.