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Fatah official implies violent response if US embassy is moved to Jerusalem

Headline: “Zaki: We do not see Palestine without Jerusalem and will not sit idly by if the American embassy is transferred to Jerusalem”
      “Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki emphasized that they will not sit idly by if the new American administration decides to transfer its embassy to occupied Jerusalem, and predicted a new type of mobilization to save the city, in which those who understand the spiritual status it represents will participate.
Zaki said in press statements: ‘We do not see Palestine without Jerusalem and therefore if the American embassy is transferred to the city, we will be exempt from all of the obligations and will renounce all existing ties, and whoever knocks on the door will hear a reply.’
He added: ‘I fully believe that we will not sit idly by, and we will not be alone, as there are people that love Jerusalem and understand its spiritual status, and a new type of mobilization, that nobody expected, will begin to save the holiest site on the planet.’
Zaki emphasized that Jerusalem is the mother of battles, and without it life is of little value. He noted that they are at the stage of preparations to resolve their situation and resolve the Palestinian situation in general, so they will be ready for the next confrontation…
The outstanding Fatah member said that [Israeli] Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu] of the occupation is focusing today on a way to strike Iran militarily and to destroy the Palestinians. He described this plan as desperate as the Palestinians are not prepared to be wiped out or to surrender…
Zaki said: ‘The Palestinians are a people of power, and Allah chose them to protect His holiest site, and in the end we will win and the Zionist extremists will pay the price.”
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