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Jericho governor: US Embassy move "will set the region on fire"

Headline: “Jericho: Protest rally over the transfer of the American embassy to occupied Jerusalem”
“Masses of the Jericho and [Jordan] Valley district expressed their condemnations and opposition to the statements of American President Donald Trump regarding his intention to transfer the American embassy from Tel Aviv to occupied Jerusalem. This was during a protest rally with many participants that was held by the Fatah Movement yesterday [Jan. 22, 2017] in the center of Jericho, in the presence of District Governor of Jericho and the [Jordan] Valley Majed Al-Fatiani, and Fatah Secretary [in Hebron] Jihad Abu Al-Asal…
Al-Fatiani said that Jerusalem is the symbol of the Palestinian national struggle, and that it is the eternal capital of the Palestinian people and of our Palestinian state.
He added that Trump’s decision to transfer his country’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will be the crossing of all red lines and will set the region on fire. He emphasized that [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas and the Palestinian leadership have said clearly that this intention and this decision are absolutely unacceptable, and that the Palestinian people will defend the first direction of prayer and the third holiest sanctuary (i.e., Jerusalem), the capital of our future Palestinian state.
Abu Al-Asal emphasized that this decision is unacceptable, and that the Palestinian people has sacrificed Martyrs (Shahids), wounded, and prisoners for Jerusalem and Palestine. He emphasized that this decision will not pass in silence from the Palestinian people, which will defend our eternal capital with all its strength. Commanders of the [PA] Security Forces, directors of the governmental departments, and representatives of the PLO factions participated in the protest rally.”