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Fatah official: Transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem will “constitute a great danger,” threatens to cut diplomatic ties with the US

Al-Quds, Palestinian daily  |
Headline: “Fatah Central Committee member Dr. Nasser Al-Qidwa to Al-Quds: Transferring the embassy will cause the US to lose the role of mediator, and will bring about the end of relations with its people and the closing of the Palestinian Representative Office in Washington”

“Question: ‘Is it possible that [US President Donald] Trump will transfer the embassy? And what are the dangers inherent in a step such as this, if it is carried out?’

Answer: ‘Logically it can be submitted that it is impossible to transfer the embassy, but realistically it is possible, and this will constitute a great danger and will have wide-reaching and long-term consequences… The matters must be clarified before execution of the step, which requires the Palestinians to take the following positions: Transferring the embassy means canceling the American presence vis-à-vis the Palestinian side, and the Palestinian side must stop its relations with the official staff of the American embassy that is in Jerusalem illegally. The Palestinian political representation in Washington is also connected to this, as it is necessary to close the representative office there, and this must be done despite the need to continue the Palestinian willingness to hold dialogue with the US in other ways. However, these official channels need to come to an end.
It must be clear to the Palestinian officials that the US no longer constitutes a mediator, as it is not possible to cooperate with it because it has turned into a side [in the conflict], and therefore it is necessary to discuss other tools for implementing any future political process.’”