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PFLP: Transferring US embassy to Jerusalem is “dangerous,” calls for intifada against Israel, primarily against “Judaization”

Headline: “The Popular Front: Transferring the American embassy to Jerusalem is an aggression against the Palestinian people and absolute support of the occupation”
      “The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) said that transferring the American embassy to Jerusalem constitutes a dangerous development and an arbitrary violation of the international bodies’ decisions connected to the Palestinian Arab-Israeli conflict…
In order to deal with the coming developments, including the impact of the expected American policy and the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the Popular Front called to hurry to take a united Palestinian position by:
- Reviving the popular activity and broadening its scope and organization as part of a general intifada that will take on itself the management of the conflict with the enemy on the ground, and come out against all its plans and policies, primarily the policy of settlement and the Judaization of Jerusalem, on the way to ending the occupation and guaranteeing freedom and independence to our people.
- [Making] an official announcement regarding withdrawal of the agreements that have been signed with the occupation government, and primarily the Oslo accords; non-commitment to the political, security, and economic restrictions and obligations, and others arising from them; and the cancellation of the recognition of Israel and the redefinition of it as an enemy entity that stole the land of Palestine…
- Ending the gamble on the option of negotiation and any role of the American administration, and adopting an alternative political process that will be based on holding an international summit with full authority, under the auspices of the UN.”