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PLO official Erekat repeats libel that Israel is root of terror: Ending the occupation is “the victory over extremism and terror”

Headline: "Erekat briefed a number of international diplomats regarding the latest developments"

"Secretary[-General] of the PLO Executive Committee [and Fatah Central Committee member] Saeb Erekat met with European Envoy for the [Middle East] Peace Process Fernando Gentilini…
Erekat said: 'The world must understand that the victory over extremism and terror and the beginning of security, peace, and stability in the region start with and depend on drying up the swamp of the Israeli occupation, in a way that will guarantee the establishment of the independent State of Palestine in the 1967 borders whose capital is East Jerusalem, and the resolution of all final status issues, including the refugees and prisoners, based on the relevant decisions of the international bodies.’"