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PA TV host criticizes Palestinian daily for using term “Wailing Wall” and not “Al-Buraq Wall” as instructed by PA Ministry of Information

Official PA TV program Palestine This Morning, review of Palestinian press.

Official PA TV host: "[The Palestinian daily] Al-Ayyam from this morning: 'Israel begins the planning stage of extending the high-speed train line up to the Al-Buraq Wall (i.e., the Western Wall). The Israeli Ministry of Transportation announced it yesterday. The project for extending the high-speed Tel Aviv-Jerusalem train line up to the Al-Buraq Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem, has entered the stage of a feasibility study.' I don’t know how Al-Ayyam can write 'Wailing Wall' on its front page, and not even put quotation marks."
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On Jan. 25, 2017, the Israeli Ministry of Transportation announced a proposal to extend the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem high-speed train line to include a stop in the Old City of Jerusalem. It announced that planning and feasibility studies have been ordered for the project.

The PA TV host criticizes Al-Ayyam’s use of the term “the Wailing Wall,” which is the Jewish/Israeli term, as opposed to “the Al-Buraq Wall,” which is the Muslim/Palestinian term.

In 2012, Palestinian Media Watch documented that the PA Ministry of Information had issued a book instructing Palestinians which words to use to instead of "the Israeli and American dissemination of poisoned terms." The book includes Palestinian expressions that should be used to replace Israeli terminology related to history and tradition. One of the terms the ministry had decided to avoid was “the Western/Wailing Wall” and instead it instructed Palestinians to only use the term “Al-Buraq Wall.” Click here for more information. [, accessed June 18, 2012]

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