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Fatah council member condemns Egyptian cleric for refusing to publicly oppose US embassy move

Headline: “Zakarneh: Qardawi’s refusal to issue a statement regarding the transfer of the embassy to Jerusalem is incomprehensible”
“Fatah Revolutionary Council member [and Chairman of the Union of Public Sector Employees] Bassam Zakarneh said that great scholar [Egyptian Cleric] Yusuf Qardawi’s refusal to issue a statement of opposition to American President Donald Trump’s decision to transfer the American embassy to Jerusalem is incomprehensible and deserving of condemnation. This is because Jerusalem is the first direction of prayer and the third holiest sanctuary, and it concerns the entire Islamic and Christian nation …
Zakarneh added: ‘We do not want to attack any clergyman without basis, but what is currently demanded of great scholar Qardawi and of the Association of Muslim Scholars is to take a clear position, and all of the sources of authority in the world must act in an organized manner. We will not stop due to the freezing of the American decision, as the level of determination to exploit the opportunity to implement it is now clear.’
Zakarneh said: ‘Why did Qardawi take a position concerning what is happening in Syria? And concerning what happened in Iraq, Libya, and Egypt? Is Jerusalem not the destination of beloved [Prophet] Muhammad’s Night Journey, the first direction of prayer, and the third holiest sanctuary?’”