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Op-ed in The Algemeiner recommends Trump administration use PMW material to combat PA terror glorification

Manfred Gerstenfeld  |
Op-ed in The Algemeiner
recommends Trump administration
use PMW material to combat PA terror glorification

Simple, Effective Measures
the Trump Administration Can Take
to Confront Palestinian Terror Glorification
A monument in a Ramallah square dedicated to the terrorist Dalal Mughrabi.
Photo: Palestinian Media Watch.

When a new administration comes into office, it can have rapid success with a few simple measures — and the Trump administration could do a lot by exposing the decades of Palestinian misbehavior, incitement and misleading propaganda

For example, the Trump administration should tell the Palestinian Authority that it will cut off all funding unless the PA changes the names of streets and institutions named after those who planned or carried out terror attacks — especially ones in which Americans were killed. The research organization Palestinian Media Watch can undoubtedly supply the administration with a list of relevant names. The following examples come from PMW’s documentation:

Abu Iyad was the head of the Black September terrorist movement. Among the attacks he planned was the murder of two American diplomats. A sports stadium in Tulkarm, financed by USAID, is named after him.
Abu Jihad, a founder of Fatah and deputy to Yasser Arafat, planned a 1978 bus attack on an Israeli coastal road that killed 37 civilians. American photographer Gail Rubin was the first victim of the attack. In 2010, a square in Ramallah was named after Abu Jihad.

Dalal Mughrabi was a member of the terror group that committed the coastal-road bus murder. She personally killed Rubin. A square in Ramallah, and a girls’ school and a kindergarten in Hebron are just a few of the places where her name has been glorified. USAID, through ANERA (American Near East Refugee Aid), funded renovations of the school.

The impact on Palestinian society, if the PA were to remove the names of these terrorists, would be significant. The Palestinian public would understand that there is no longer an attitude of “anything goes” with the new US president. These names were being honored in these ways during the course of the Obama presidency — and yet the US still gave money to the Palestinians. It is legitimate to question why the Obama administration did not care about what was happening.
If the PA refuses to take down the names of those who killed Americans, the United States could also pressure other NATO countries to stop funding an entity that honors the killers of Americans. Quite a few countries might have difficulty refusing such an eminently reasonable request.