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PLO official threatens diplomatic steps in response to US embassy move

Headline: “Erekat: We have not received assurances that the embassy will not be transferred”
“Secretary[-General] of the PLO Executive Committee [and Fatah Central Committee member] Saeb Erekat again warned against the danger of transferring the American embassy to occupied Jerusalem. He noted that this step has not yet been cancelled, and that the leadership has not received any assurances on the issue from any authority.
Erekat explained in an interview with [official PA] radio The Voice of Palestine this morning [Jan. 31, 2017] that if the embassy is transferred to Jerusalem, the leadership will stand before fateful decisions, which will begin with revoking the PLO’s recognition of Israel, signing documents to join 16 international organizations, defining the connection with Israel in the political, economic, and security fields in accordance with the decisions of the [PLO] Central Council, and calling on the occupation authority to apply its full authority over the occupied land (i.e., to take over the responsibility for looking after the Palestinian residents of the West Bank from the PA -Ed.).”