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PA Minister of Jerusalem Affairs: “Israel is dragging the region toward war”

Headline: “[PA] Minister Adnan Al-Husseini to Al-Quds: The Israeli leadership is unwise and is dragging the region toward war

“[PA] Minister of Jerusalem Affairs Adnan Al-Husseini… said in regard to the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem that ‘We hope that new [US] President [Donald Trump] will delay this as has happened with previous administrations. If God forbid the embassy is transferred, I think that all of the countries that are interested in Jerusalem must take a stance in order to put the US in its true place. This is especially so in light of the fact that the US is dealing with internal problems at the moment, and some of its states are demanding to secede from it (some people in California have begun campaigning to secede from the US –Ed.). ’
He also warned against the many American decisions being published these days, and whose consequences cannot be known if they continue.
He said: ‘We as Palestinians are attempting to form relations with the countries of the world, and as we see, [PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] is going from one place to the next in an attempt to obtain support. We hope that the countries will know that matters are going in the wrong direction, and that Israel is dragging the region toward war, and we are in a complicated situation and therefore we must be cautious.’”