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"Arab World for Research and Development (AWRAD) conducted a public opinion poll of 1,200 adult Palestinians (18+) in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, January 16-17... The margin of error is ±3 percent.

Mixed Impression of Political Figures and Institutions: Overall, Palestinians are lukewarm in their assessment of governmental figures and institutions, shifting between neutral or negative perceptions, depending on the object of evaluation. At a broad glance, Fatah and PA-affiliated figures and institutions receive slightly higher marks than their Hamas counterparts, though neither elicits much positivity. Specifically, 41 percent of respondents believe that the performance of President Abbas has remained the same over the last year, while 44 percent say the same of the PA, 41 percent of Fatah and 43 percent of the Hamdallah government. Across evaluations of all actors, respondents who believe performances have “stayed the same” constitutes the largest plurality.

Rights and Freedoms Suffer in Gaza:  Overall, respondents are most likely to believe that things have stayed the same, neither regressing nor progressing. Pluralities observe no change in the state of freedom of expression (37 percent), human rights (39 percent) or democracy (39 percent). The rate of individuals who believe rights and freedoms have deteriorated exceeds those who believe they have improved, but in no instances do these rates exceed one-third of respondents.

Large Majorities Supportive of Elections: Palestinians have become more supportive of all forms of elections by significant margins. When assessing the immediate conduct of local (71 percent), legislative (71 percent) and presidential elections (73 percent), large majorities say they have become more supportive in the past year. Support in Gaza exceeds support in the West Bank for all elections. This sentiment is also reflected in the preferred option to fill a potential vacancy in the presidency. If such a need arose, 72 percent believe the position should be filled by new elections in both the West Bank and Gaza. Despite enthusiasm for elections, Palestinians remain frustrated with their options. In a hypothetical legislative election, 41 percent of respondents say they have not decided who they will vote for or will not vote, a combined rate that exceeds support for mainstream options like Fatah and Hamas.

High Hopes Following Security Council Resolution: News of the recent U.N.S.C. Resolution condemning Israeli settlements was followed by roughly one-half (50 percent) of the population. Of those who followed, a majority (50 percent) believes the Resolution will have a positive impact on the Palestinian cause.

Trump Administration: A majority (57 percent) of respondents also believes that moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem would result in Palestinian protests."
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