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Official PA daily invents Palestinian history, claims “Palestinians” existed “10,000 years ago”

Headline: “This is how the Palestinian looked approximately 10,000 years ago”

“Finally, the Palestinians will be able to know how their ancient ancestors, who honored their ancestors [in burial], looked, and thanks to this honor it is now possible to know how the Palestinians who lived 9,500 years ago in the Neolithic Stone Age in the city of Jericho looked.
The story began in 1953 when archaeologist Kathleen Kenyon found seven skulls from the Neolithic Period at the Tell es-Sultan site, where she was conducting excavations that led to the discoveries that brought her international fame, and the magazine National Geographic published an article about her in December of that year.”

The article includes an image showing a recent model reconstructed from one of the skulls.
Text on image: “The appearance of a resident of Jericho according to the British Museum”