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Fatah official ensures that PA will continue to pay Gaza workers to not work, even if EU redirects funding

Headline: "Al-Qawasmi: We will not shake off the PA employees in Gaza, and we will pay their salaries"

“Fatah Revolutionary Council member [and Fatah spokesperson] Osama Al-Qawasmi emphasized that the PA has committed to paying the salaries of its employees in the Gaza Strip, following news that clearly expressed the European Union's intention to stop the budget allocated for PA employees in the Gaza Strip.
Al-Qawasmi said in an interview with [the independent Palestinian news agency] Donia Al-Watan that the relations between the PA and the EU are close and continuous, and that the conversations between the PA and the EU regarding the matter and all of the pending problems will be held in the spirit of the PA's appreciation of the EU’s support for it.
The Chinese news agency Xinhua previously quoted Communication and Information Officer at the European [Union] Commission in Jerusalem [Shadi Othman] who said: 'The EU will stop sending the money through which it assists the PA, and which [the PA] pays to its employees in Gaza. This sum of money, estimated to be 30 million euros a month, will be transferred instead to the Gaza Strip to support poor families and additional economic projects."