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Governor of Ramallah: Israel "is disposing of poisonous and radioactive waste in the occupied Palestinian territories"

Headline: “Ramallah hosts the first Marathon of Life as a sign of solidarity with cancer patients”
“Maryam, a sixth-grade student at the American School of Palestine, together with 16 children sick with the ‘malignant disease’ (i.e ., cancer) and hundreds of citizens, took part in marking World Cancer Day, which takes place on Feb. 4 every year. This comes amid national concern over the spread of the disease, which according to new official statistics [every year] threatens 84 new people out of [every] 100,000 Palestinians in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.
Maryam and her family do not have the disease, but she knows children who suffer from it, and she arrived for them to take part in the first Marathon of Life, in order to raise awareness of cancer and its dangers…
District Governor of Ramallah and El-Bireh Laila Ghannam emphasized the importance of these activities…
Ghannam connected the rise in the occurrence of cancer to the cancer of the settlements and the fact that the occupation is disposing of poisonous and radioactive waste in the occupied Palestinian territories.
She said: ‘We all know that the largest cancer in the life of the Palestinian people is the Israeli occupation, its settlement enterprise, and their waste that indeed causes the occurrence of cancer.’
She added: ‘For our people, who deals firmly and resolutely with the cancer of the occupation and the settlements, there is enough willpower to defeat cancer and provide treatment for the sick.’”