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PLO official admits US aid to PA goes toward paying terrorists

Headline: "The PA rejects the possibility that the American aid will be stopped"

"Palestinian [PLO] Ambassador to Washington Maen Erekat rejected the possibility that the American aid to the PA would be stopped during the term of the new American administration led by [US President] Donald Trump.
Erekat said to [the independent Palestinian news] agency Ma'an: 'Whatever the administration may be, the US believes that the aid it gives to the Palestinians is very important, and it is unlikely that the Trump administration will stop it since this aid serves to improve the Palestinian people’s living conditions and economy.'
However, Erekat discussed the possibility that this aid would be reduced or have additional conditions imposed on it, and predicted that the amount of the American aid to the PA for 2017 would be declared within a number of days.
Erekat said that the Trump administration has officially notified the PA that it wants to conduct a legal review of the $221 million that the Obama administration decided to transfer to the PA just hours before it left and passed the reins of government to Trump.
He added that the Trump administration wants to know if the transfer decision is consistent with the conditions and laws regarding the American aid to the Palestinians…
The amount of American aid to the PA during 2016 was approximately $380 million, but the [transfer of] $221 million of it was stopped following the opposition of two American congressmen to this aid.
The US has stopped the aid to the PA in the past because of the fact that the PA supports the Palestinian prisoners through this aid."