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PA daily prints op-ed comparing Trump to Hitler, Zionists to Nazis

Headline: "Trump's first days, 'the alternative facts'"
Op-ed by Ayman Al-Sayyad, first published on the Egyptian news website Shorouk
 "It could be that [US President Donald] Trump does not know the meaning of the word eugenics, and I do not think he has read [the writings of Francis] Galton (a pioneer in eugenics, wrote many books in the 19th century CE –Ed.), as people like him do not read at all. However, in all his positions regarding the other, immigrants, or women, it seems that he is faithful to the same destructive principles that have in the past led racists such as Hitler to almost destroy the world…
History shows us that racist ideas that espouse the superiority of one race over another, as Hitler believed, led to a world war whose victims numbered more than 60 million, and I repeat – 60 million…
Anyone who does not know what discrimination on the basis of origin or identity is can review [Trump’s] decision to ban [the entry of] 'all' citizens of the seven states the decision included, and I repeat 'all citizens,' not the terrorists or the extremists among them, and not even those about whom there are security concerns… Why? Because racists are illogical and they put all the rest, and I repeat – 'all the rest,' in one category. The Nazis who believed in the superiority of the Aryan race acted in this way, and the Zionists act this way when they think that they are ‘Allah's chosen people.'"

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