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Arab “experts” claim that Bible proves Israel is Palestinian; modern Israel is a “colonial” force planning to “Judaize the land”

Headline: "Experts: The book ‘The Bible Proves that Palestine is Arab’ refutes the Israeli lies"

"Arab experts and researchers emphasized yesterday [Feb. 8, 2017] that the book ‘The Bible Proves that Palestine is Arab,' published by researcher Dua Al-Sharif, refutes all of the lies and false narratives that Israel has disseminated throughout recent decades in an attempt to prove the claims regarding 'what is called the Promised Land, the Judaization of Jerusalem, and the construction of the Temple on the ruins of the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque.'
These statements were made during a discussion about the book ‘The Bible Proves that Palestine is Arab’ at the international book fair in Cairo, with the participation of Secretary-General of the Arab League Sa'id Abu Ali, political analyst and researcher Dr. Sarkis Abu Zaid, and author of the book and expert on Israeli affairs Dua Al-Sharif. The Egyptian Middle East News Agency quoted Sa'id Abu Ali who said: 'The Israeli claims are based only on false claims and lies, and this is what the researcher has proven by examining the historical facts, that there is no promise, Promised [Land], or anything else, and it does not matter what they do, Palestine will remain Arab.'
Dr. Sarkis Abu Zaid noted that 'The conflict with Israel is cultural and military,' and that 'This book comes at a time when the colonialist states are struggling over the division of the region in order to create a new map that will first of all serve the West and Israel.' He added that Israel intentionally falsified history in order to erase the Palestinian identity, as the Israeli myth claims that the Bible is the spiritual father of modern culture, while everything that is written in it was taken and stolen from the Arab cultures, such as the ancient Egyptian culture, the Iraqi culture, and the Canaanite culture.
The author said that the book discusses three sections – the land, the people, and the promise, which deal with the Israeli claims regarding their right to Jerusalem. She revealed that the Bible and what was written in it in the Hebrew language refute these claims, and presented a picture from this Bible. She also demanded that Arab academics and historians help each other refute the Israeli claims and lies, and rewrite the history of Palestine in order to deal with the strong Zionist campaign to Judaize the land of Palestine and Jerusalem."

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