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Palestinian refugee: PLO should buy land for the refugees in the refugee camps in Lebanon

Official PA TV Live  |
Official PA TV program Diaspora Issues, on houses in danger of being demolished in the Lebanese Palestinian refugee camp Al-Qasemiya

Al-Qasemiya resident Sheikh Diab Mahdawi: "A suit has been filed against the [Al-Qasemiya refugee] camp, claiming that it is built on stolen land. Of course most of the camp is built on public land, which is owned by the Lebanese state. Since then, people are building homes and living in this camp. After a while, the camp spread out because the people multiplied."

Official PA TV host: "Of course."

Sheikh Diab Mahdawi: "The people built their homes, thinking that these lands are state lands, and not privately owned. Approximately 20 years ago, we were surprised to discover that suits had been filed against us, and they claimed that we are thieves and we stole the land... In the end [the land owners] agreed to sell the land to the people [living in the homes], but most of the people are unable to buy the lands, even the land of their homes… The solution exists. The authorities that I mentioned before [- UNRWA and the PLO -] must purchase the land, or lease it from the owners."

Host: "Like the way UNRWA leased lands and built camps on them."
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