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"We must establish a culture of hate. A culture that says: ‘They are enemies, they are settlers,” says University professor from Gaza on PA TV

Official PA TV program Inside, on the Regularization Law, hosting political science lecturer Ibrahim Abrash of Al-Azhar University in Gaza

Al-Azhar University political science lecturer Ibrahim Abrash: "We must establish a culture of hate. A culture that says: ‘They are enemies, they are settlers.’ It is forbidden to engage in a discourse of peace. We want peace, but if the one who opposite you does not want peace and does not want an agreement, you cannot throw flowers at him while he throws rocks at you and takes your land. We must strengthen [this culture] and make them feel that they are not wanted on this land."

Regularization Law - intended to validate and finalize registration of land in Judea and Samaria with the Civil Administration Authority for Government and Abandoned Property in cases where any private claimant makes claims to lands that were thought to be government land after communities have already been built on the land in good faith - i.e., without the knowledge that the land was privately-owned - or with government support. The law will do so by transferring use of the land to the community in question providing a mechanism to compensate claimants to ownership of the land if their claims are validated. The law is intended to provide protection for Israeli towns in the West Bank established and built with Israeli government support from later claims of ownership by private individuals, similarly to existing laws in Israel in regard to property claims made for land on which government sanctioned communities have already been built. Currently, Israeli homes in a number of towns in the West Bank are vulnerable to claimants demanding their demolition, even if claims are only made long after families built their homes and are residing there.
Compensation: In cases of validated claims the Regularization Law expropriates the use of the land for the community's use until such a time as the final status of the area is determined, and states that the owner will be entitled to damages of 125% of the value of the land before the community was built, or alternative plots of land, according to his choice.