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Palestinian center for media freedoms demands release of 2 journalists arrested by PA

Originally posted in English.

Headline: "MADA demands release of Journalist Al-Sa’ee and to stop detaining and imprisoning journalists"

"The Palestinian center for development and media freedoms MADA is extremely concerned of imprisoning and detaining journalists by the Palestinian security services in West Bank, recently, the arrest of (Sami Sa’ee Palestinian editor of Al Fajer TV in Tulkarem, and Mohammad Saeed Jahabsheh program presenter in radio Marah/ operating in Hebron.

The Palestinian intelligence arrested Al-Sa’ee after summoning him on Thursday 02/02/2017 under the pretext of 'inciting sectarian strife' over Facebook.
On 09/02/2017 Palestinian intelligence transferred Sami Al Sa’ee to Jericho detention center a day after his lawyer received a decision of releasing him on bail issued on Wednesday 08/02/2017 according to his wife’s testimony to MADA center. Besides, the arrest of Palestinian journalist Jahabsheh from his home on Thursday’s night in a brutal way, he was detained till Saturday 11/02/2017, as he reported to MADA.

Sami Al-Saee’s wife reported to MADA the Palestinian intelligence summoned Sami on Wednesday 01/02/2017, he presented himself at their office on Thursday, he was arrested, she learned from his lawyer that he was accused of inciting sectarian strife over facebook, on 05/02, they extended his detention for a period of 15 days by the prosecutor, upon the request of the Palestinian intelligence to resume interrogations and investigations.

On 08/02/2017 a decision of release on bail 1000 Jordanian Dinars (unpaid) was issued, upon the request of his lawyer Jamil Jandab, yet we were shocked that the decision was not implemented. Yet on Thursday 09/02 Sami was transferred to Jericho detention center without disclosure of the reasons. On 12/02 we filed a written complaint to the General attorney through Musawa center, and still waiting their response.

Furthermore, Palestinian journalist, Mohammad Jahabsheh reported to MADA 'a troop of Palestinian Intelligence raided my house on the midnight of Thursday 09/02, after extracting the balcony’s window, without providing any search warrant, meanwhile, they confiscated both my wife’s and my mobiles, besides my laptop, they took me to the intelligence office in Hebron, without providing subpoena, all was accompanied with physical assaults and beating, I was detained there in a cell till Fridays morning, I was then transferred to another room for interrogation, they managed to receive a list that disclose all numbers of parts I contacted recently, the interrogator objected a recent phone call with the Police spokesperson in Gaza (Ayman Al-Batniji) although I informed him that I am a journalist and we were planning to host him in a program. The interrogator checked all messages on my mobile, and managed to retrieve all deleted photos even the deleted ones before 4 years.

I was detained till Saturday 11/02/2017, as they did not find anything suspected through my phone calls messages or even photos that can convict me, I was released after handing me a summon for Wednesday 15/02.'
MADA demands the release of journalist Sami Al-Sa’ee following recent decision of releasing him on bail issued on Wednesday, and to stop prosecuting and arresting journalists in relation to freedom of expression and opinion.

MADA also demand all Palestinian security services to put an immediate end for all types of violations against Palestinian journalists, particularly arrest and detention of journalists."