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PA Ministry of Information: Israel “must disappear and never return”

Headline: “The [PA] Ministry of Information: World Radio Day”

“The [PA] Ministry of Information related in a statement to the recent remarks of extremist Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection Zeev Elkin, who said that ‘The days of the PA are numbered, artificial resuscitation will not succeed, and imposing sovereignty on the West Bank is an important and central matter.’ [The PA Ministry of Information] described this as nonsense that expresses the dreams of a racist immigrant who arrived from Ukraine in 1990 in order to live on Palestinian land in the settlement/colonialist bloc ‘Gush Etzion.’ The ministry emphasized that [Elkin] is spinning illusions that he desires, while ignoring that the PA is a branch of the PLO, which represents the hopes and aspirations of our people everywhere it is found. [The PA ministry added that] the dark dreams of an extremist man cannot change the truth by one iota, and that Israel, the last occupation force in the world, must disappear and never to return.”

Israeli Minister of Environmental Protection Zeev Elkin said on Jan. 24, 2017: “The Palestinian Authority is living on borrowed time, and it is necessary to think about what will happen after it falls apart. The PA is incapable of getting through [PA Chairman] Mahmoud Abbas’ term, and due to forces that are active there, it will fall apart sooner or later.” Elkin also called for a gradual implementation of Israeli sovereignty in the West Bank.