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PLO official: US is now Israel’s “partner in crime”

Headline: “Ashrawi: The US went from an ally biased in favor of Israel to a partner in crime”
“PLO Executive Committee member Hanan Ashrawi said: ‘It is clear that the new American administration supports the positions of [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu and is giving him leeway to eliminate the two-state solution. It is changing from an ally biased in favor of Israel to a partner in crime. If American President [Donald] Trump wants to be rid of the two-state solution in order to create an alternate reality, he must present and clarify what the options and alternatives to it are.’”

A senior White House official said on Feb. 14, 2017, a day before US President Donald Trump’s first official meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, that Trump will not insist on a two-state solution, and is interested in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict “whether that comes in the form of a two-state solution if that's what the parties want, or something else.”