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Fatah official: Arabs, not Israel, are fighting terror; establishment of Palestine will lead to defeat of ISIS

Headline: "Erekat: The Arabs are the ones fighting terror, not Netanyahu"
"[Fatah Central Committee member] and top Palestinian official in charge of negotiations Saeb Erekat said today, Wednesday [Feb. 22, 2017], that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s statements, according to which Tel Aviv is fighting terror, are a broken record. He emphasized that the Arabs are the ones that are fighting terror, and added: 'Those who are fighting terror and dealing with it are the great Egyptian soldier, the Jordanian soldier, the Iraqi, and the Syrian, and not Israel.'
Erekat added during an interview with journalist Tamer Amin on the Egyptian satellite channel Al-Haya that the solution to the Palestinian issue is the path to security and stability in the region and the basis for vanquishing ISIS and extremism in this region. We are states that are being burned by terror… and no one wants to defeat terror like we Arabs, as ideas are not killed with bullets, but rather this is begun by drying up the Israeli house of occupation and establishing the State of Palestine in the '67 borders."