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Abbas bans 5 Fatah parliamentarians from leaving the West Bank

Headline: "A [PA] presidential decision to forbid the travel of five members of the Palestinian Parliament"

"Knowledgeable Palestinian sources revealed that there is a decision by the Palestinian [PA] presidency to ban five members of the PA Parliament (Legislative Council) from leaving the Palestinian territories, and they are: Nasser Jum'a, Shami Al-Shami, Najat Abu Bakr, Jamal Tirawi, and Muhammad Dahlan, who [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas fired from the [Fatah] Movement and removed their parliamentary immunity last December [2016].
Member of PA Parliament Najat Abu Bakr announced today, Wednesday [Feb. 22, 2017], that the Palestinian security yesterday prevented her from crossing at the Karameh Crossing on her way to Lebanon in order to receive the award for best parliament member in the social field, due to the decision banning her from traveling. Abu Bakr emphasized that she will turn to the legal system and the Palestinian Supreme Court in order to appeal the decision to ban her from traveling outside of Palestine.
President Mahmoud Abbas had already previously issued a decision to remove the parliamentary immunity from five Fatah Movement members last December [2016] in preparation for their investigation. Internal sources in Fatah said that this decision is related to the dispute between Abbas and [expelled Fatah leader Muhammad] Dahlan."