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US senators submit bill to cut off aid due to PA funding of terror

Headline: "A bill in the American Senate to stop the funding for the PA"
"Three American senators from the Republican Party submitted a new bill that calls on the American administration to stop all forms of American financial aid to the PA.
The Republican senators justified the decision by claiming that the PA funds what they called 'terror.'
Previous attempts to legislate this met strong opposition and were tabled. However, the senators who are now submitting the current bill believe that this legislation will win broad support in addition to the support of [US] President [Donald] Trump.
Senator Lindsey Graham from the state of South Carolina, the main initiator of this legislation, said in an interview with the Hebrew newspaper Haaretz: 'The fact that the PA funds those carrying out armed attacks was already brought up for discussion during [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu’s meeting with Trump in the White House last month [February 2017]’ (for actual quote see note below –Ed.)."

American Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) was paraphrased by Haaretz as saying: “The legislation was brought up during the meeting last month between U.S. President Donald Trump and [Israeli] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.”