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Fatah official: Issue of payment of allowances to families of Martyrs of 2014 Gaza War to be raised

Headline: “Helles: The issue of the Martyrs’ families is on the table of the [Fatah] Central Committee”
“Fatah Movement Central Committee member Ahmed Helles said today, Wednesday [March 1, 2017], that the issue of the families of the Martyrs (Shahids) of the 2014 [Gaza] War, is on the list of priorities of the committee during its upcoming meeting. These statements were made during a meeting that included Fatah Movement Central Committee member Ahmed Helles, Fatah Movement Revolutionary Council member Dr. Fayez Abu Aita, [PLO] Families of the Martyrs and Wounded Institution Director Abu Joudeh Al-Nahal, Secretary-General of the Institution Maher Badawi, and Secretary and Media Spokesman of the Institution Alaa Al-Birawi… Al-Birawi said in an interview with a reporter from [the independent Palestinian news agency] Ma’an that Helles took the names and promised to raise the issue during the [Fatah] Central Committee’s meeting in order to put an end to their suffering… He explained that 1,943 families of Martyrs are expecting the end of their suffering through the payment of the allowances to the Martyrs’ [families], and noted that the sit-in strike tent opposite the Families of the Martyrs [and Wounded] Institution building will remain until this issue ends completely.”
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