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PLO representative in Iran: “Everyone needs to fight [Israel] in his own way”, “all means of struggle are legitimate”

Al-Akhbar, Lebanese daily  |
Headline : “The Ambassador of Palestine in Iran: The Oslo Accords are bankrupt”

“In February 1981, late president Yasser Arafat appointed Salah Al-Zawawi as the PLO representative in Tehran, after Martyr (Shahid) Hani Al-Hassan resigned from his position and moved to Beirut. Following the Oslo Accords between the PLO and the Israeli enemy, Iran refused to recognize the [Palestinian] Authority that was established in accordance with the accords, and refused the replacement of Al-Zawawi and the appointment of a new ambassador. Therefore he has remained in his tenure since that time, and has spent 36 years of his life in Tehran…
The most veteran of the Palestinian diplomats (i.e., Al-Zawawi) does not deny the existence of differences of opinion with Tehran, but [notes] ‘Every side needs to accept the position of the other side with understanding, and we must fight for the liberation of Palestine. The form of fighting that is demanded of members of our people in the 1948 lands (i.e., Israel) is different from that which is demanded of those in the West Bank, and a different method is demanded of those in the West Bank than those in Gaza. There is diplomatic fighting.’ He continued and said, ‘There is no doubt that everyone needs to fight in his own way, beginning with carrying out stabbing and car ramming operations and ending with firing rockets, and in this way we will liberate Palestine from the [Mediterranean] Sea to the [Jordan] River.’ He also argued: ‘There is a Jihad that is controlled by the geographic conditions, and everyone needs to aid it in accordance with their location, abilities, and conditions… all of the means of struggle are legitimate, beginning with debka dance (i.e., Arab folk dance) and ending with armed struggle that is meant to realize Allah’s promise and bring liberation.’ …
The ambassador no longer believes in the Oslo Accords, but rather says: ‘When the PLO signed the accords, a Palestinian state was supposed to be established in the West Bank and Gaza by 1999, but that did not happen.’ Eighteen years have passed since this date, and therefore Al-Zawawi asserts that Israel and the US will not agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state, and continued in a decisive tone: ‘The Oslo Accords are bankrupt, and current American President Donald Trump is the Zionist face of the [American] project, and therefore it begins to become clear that there is no sense in talking with this enemy (i.e., the Israelis).’”