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Member of PA Supreme Fatwa Council accuses Israel of spreading drugs among Palestinian youth

Headline: “Drugs – the occupation’s weapon in Area C (i.e., areas of the West Bank under full Israeli security and administrative control)”
“President of the Shari’ah Court of Appeals and member of The [PA] Palestinian Supreme Fatwa Council, Judge Ata Al-Muhtasib said that the plague of drugs of all types has crushed whole nations, and threatens existing nations and an active culture. He added that Islam was the first to ban drugs and intoxicating drinks and to warn against them and their dangers…
He continued: ‘It is everyone’s responsibility to fight this dangerous plague in order to build a state whose people and institutions are strong, so that we will rebuild what the Israeli occupation has destroyed, repair what it has ruined, and plant what it has uprooted…’
Al-Muhtasib added: ‘The drugs are a weapon that the occupation has taken advantage of in order to crush our young. This is by drugging them, disabling their efforts, wasting their potential, and firstly destroying their religion and eliminating their future. Despite everything we have mentioned above, several immoral people in our society have stretched out their hands to use [drugs], and worse – in order to help the occupier distribute them.’”
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