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PA Police Director states the PA security forces are “fighters and members of the Palestinian revolution,” Palestinians “not yet liberated” from Israel

Official PA TV Live  |
Official PA TV Program Watchful Eyes (program about the PA Security Forces), hosting PA Police Director-General Hazem Atallah

Atallah responds to the PA TV host who spoke about the dedication of the PA Security Forces –Ed.

PA Police Director-General Hazem Atallah: "We are not complaining about our work, it is our duty. We are serving our people and our land. First of all, we are people who have not yet been liberated from the occupation. The [PA] Palestinian security institution is not the Palestinian security institution of a decade ago, not in terms of command, not in terms of preparedness, not in terms of training, and not in terms of being armed. I do not want to say more than that – if a man does not defend his homeland and his legitimacy, he is not worthy of life."

Official PA TV host: "Yes, true."

Hazem Atallah: "True, we are policemen and officers, but we are fighters, and we are members of this Palestinian revolution. Even if we die, we will not allow [the Palestinian revolution] to be harmed in any manner."