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Fatah spokesman: Transferring the US embassy to Jerusalem will “blow up matters locally and regionally”

Headline: "Abu Ziyad: Transferring the American embassy will blow up the situation"
"Fatah Movement International Spokesman Ziyad Khalil 'Abu Ziyad' warned the American Congress against carrying out any step of transferring the American embassy to Jerusalem. He emphasized that such a step will blow up matters locally and regionally.
Abu Ziyad said in a statement that reached [the independent Palestinian news agency] Ma'an that the visit of the American delegation from the Congress led by Dennis Ross was meant to examine the way to transfer the American embassy to Jerusalem and to meet with Israeli Prime Minister [Benjamin Netanyahu]. He added that this is a preparatory visit for a possible American step that will lead to the deterioration of the situation in the Palestinian arena. Abu Ziyad emphasized that American top official Dennis Ross knows well from his previous experience [as Middle East envoy] that there is no Palestinian, Arab, or Muslim that will agree that the transfer of the American embassy to Jerusalem in order to definitively recognize its Israeliness - despite the assertion of the international community that it is Palestinian – will pass in silence without any response, particularly when it is about Jerusalem, the most important city and site for the Arab and Islamic people."