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PA Ambassador to EU praises ties with Venezuela at event marking 4th anniversary of Hugo Chavez's death

Headline: “Ambassador Al-Fara participated in marking the fourth anniversary of the death of leader Chavez”
“Ambassador of Palestine to the European Union, Belgium, and Luxembourg Abd Al-Rahim Al-Fara praised the depth of the relations between the people and leadership of Venezuela and the leadership and people of Palestine. He also praised the political and moral support that the former has provided to the latter. These statements were made in a speech that he gave during a cultural political rally that the Embassy of Venezuela in Brussels organized for the fourth anniversary of the death of [Venezuelan] leader [former President] Hugo Chavez. Al-Fara, who was accompanied by advisor Hassan Al-Balawi, enumerated the positions taken by Chavez to support the Palestinian people and its just cause, and particularly the cutting of ties with Israel due to its aggression against Lebanon in 2006, and afterwards the war that it waged against Gaza in 2008-2009.
Al-Fara recalled the late President Chavez’s saying: ‘Venezuela is Palestine, and Palestine is Venezuela,’ which he said to [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas in October 2011. This was when he awarded him with a decoration that Venezuela awards and gave him the Sword of the Liberators in order to express Venezuela’s support for President Abbas.”

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