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PA Ministry of Information holds conference on use of "proper terminology" in the media outlets

Headline: “Ramallah: Conference on terminology in the media, culture, and politics”
      “The [PA] Ministry of Information held a conference today [April 9, 2009] in Ramallah called Terminology in the Media, Culture, and Politics with the participation of many writers, journalists, and members of the media. [PA] Minister of Information Dr. Riyad Al-Malki opened the conference by speaking about the role of the Israeli occupation in inventing terms that have entered the Arab and international media. He noted the role of Palestinian and Arab media outlets in rejecting these terms. Minister Al-Malki noted the role of the Palestinian Ministry of Information, since its establishment, in monitoring the foreign terms, pointing them out, and preventing their usage by the media outlets, in cooperation with the relevant bodies, and particularly with the Arab League. This is in order to prevent the infiltration of these terms into the dictionary and our Arabic language, particularly the language of the media… The minister concluded by calling on the Arab and international media outlets to be careful and precise regarding the use of foreign terms with which the Israeli occupation is trying to infiltrate our Arab media.
The first session opened with a lecture by Dr. Omar Atiq… who spoke about the dialectical connection between the terms and the discourse on culture…
Dr. Al-Mutawakkil Taha… spoke about media terminology as an expression and realization of a general political viewpoint. He noted that the media ‘has owners’ and that it does not speak in a vacuum, and does not come from nowhere, and does not go there…
At the end of the lectures and the comments and responses, there was agreement about many recommendations that will be presented to the Ministry of Information and the other bodies that are concerned with the matter, on the subject of the use of terms in a manner that will serve the general national goal. It should be noted that the Ministry of Information will collect the materials of the conference, lectures, and responses… and print and distribute them to all of the bodies that are concerned with the matter in the homeland and abroad.”