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PA initiates campaign against erasing women’s names from the public space

Headline: "A meeting of the My Name is Not Shameful campaign at the [PA] government's General Secretariat"
"The [PA] government’s General Secretariat yesterday [March 12, 2017] hosted the second meeting of the My Name is Not Shameful campaign, in which all of the employees of the gender units in the government ministries and government institutes participated…
District Deputy Governor of Jericho and the [Jordan] Valley Jamal Rajoub said: 'I personally initiated this campaign when I noticed that during the preparations for the municipal elections in 2016 (in the end, the elections did not take place –Ed.) the names of the women candidates were concealed, as were the names of women on invitations to social events, and primarily weddings.' He said that the concealment of women's names 'constitutes a continuation of the policy of violence towards them and a continuation of the outdated traditions and customs and of a misguided legacy that is as far as possible from religion.’"