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Fatah: Israel is carrying out "summary executions," striving to "Judaize what remains of Jerusalem"

Headline: “Fatah’s Jerusalem branch: The occupation is striving to Judaize what remains of Jerusalem”
“The Fatah Movement’s Jerusalem branch said today, Thursday [March 16, 2017], that the occupation government and its executive branches are striving with all of their energy to Judaize what remains of occupied Jerusalem…
[Fatah Secretary in Jerusalem Adnan] Ghaith emphasized: ‘These steps against the people only strengthen our resolve to be rid of the occupation and its crimes, whatever the sacrifices may be.’
In the same context, the Jerusalem branch noted that the occupation government is carrying out summary executions and arrest campaigns against the members of our Palestinian people on the pretext that they intend to carry out Martyrdom-seeking operations (i.e., terror attacks) even though it could avoid this, and this is proof of the green light that the occupation government has given to its forces to kill everything that is Arab.”

Red Cross rebuts Palestinian claims that Israel commits “executions” and is an “apartheid state” – Jacques De Maio, head of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) delegation to Israel and the Palestinian Authority, rejected claims that Israel carries out “extrajudicial killings” or is an "apartheid state" in an interview with the Israeli news site Ynet on April 26, 2017. De Maio said: “We came to the unequivocal conclusion that there are no shoot to kill orders of suspects by IDF (i.e., the Israeli army), as some political elements tried to convince us. Rules of engagement have not changed, and became even stricter.”