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Fatah blatantly supports terror - findings presented in US Congress

Itamar Marcus and PMW staff  |
Fatah blatantly supports terror 
- findings presented in US Congress  

by Itamar Marcus and PMW staff

Yesterday, Palestinian Media Watch presented its report Fatah Votes for Terror to the House of Representatives' Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on the Middle East. Included as an appendix to that report is a new collection of examples which show that Fatah continues to blatantly incite and glorify terror in 2017.

The picture to the right, which Fatah posted on its official Facebook page and appears in Appendix 2 of PMW's report, is just one of countless examples of the party's violence promotion. 

Posted text: "My weapon has emerged"
Text on image: "From my wounds, my weapon has emerged. 
Oh, our revolution, my weapon has emerged. 
There is no force in the world that can remove the weapon from my hand. 
My path is bitter, your path is bitter, tread on my ribs and advance 
How much this revolutionary people has sacrificed to live freely."
[Official Fatah Facebook page, Feb. 7, 2017]

Fatah promotes terror during times characterized by daily terror attacks as well as during relatively peaceful times. In Fatah Votes for Terror Appendix 3, PMW documents that Fatah actively glorified terrorism on its Facebook page throughout the terror wave of 2015-2016. 
The image below, which Fatah posted to its official Facebook page and appears in Appendix 3, glorified the ongoing violence and promised more to come:

Posted text: "We march, we are not afraid of the fire and we do not fear death. With blood we will redeem the homeland and saturate its ground. The anniversary is approaching." #The_51st_anniversary_of_the_beginning

Text on image: "Half a century has passed and we have never abandoned our weapons"
[Official Fatah Facebook page, Dec. 26, 2015]

The large number of examples documented in these appendices show that terror support is fundamental to Fatah's ideology. This documentation is of paramount importance when examining whether the Palestinian Authority, with the Fatah Movement as its leading party, can be seen as a peace partner. Is Fatah leading the Palestinian people toward peace or toward continued terror?