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Palestinian boy: “This is our land, not their land”

Official PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem, on the marathon in Jerusalem on March 17, 2017

Official PA TV reporter: "Why did you come here today? What is your message?"
Boy: "We want to convey to them the message that this is our land, not their land, and it is forbidden for them to create an impression that this is their land and to say that this is their land, because it is our land. We live here and will demonstrate among them in order to get them out of our land."
Reporter: "Absolutely. The police prevented you from advancing and arriving and participating in the marathon. [But] they allow them to. What do you say? What did you want to do today?"
Boy: "I wanted to participate in the marathon, but they prevented us [from participating]. They only allow Jews to participate in the marathon (sic., numerous non-Jews participated in the marathon as well)."