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PLO negotiator Erekat repeats libel: Israel guilty of “ethnic cleansing,” must be uprooted, Israeli Defense Minister guilty of “war crimes”

Headline: “Erekat: Liberman’s decision regarding the [Palestinian] National Fund means the revoking of Israel’s recognition of the PLO”

“Secretary of the PLO Executive Committee, PLO Chief Negotiator [and Fatah Central Committee member] Dr. Saeb Erekat again expressed his strong opposition to Israeli Minister of War (i.e., Defense) Avigdor Liberman’s decision to define the PLO Palestinian National Fund as a ‘terror organization.’
While receiving EU [Special] Representative for [the Middle East] Peace Process Fernando Gentilini and the Chinese ambassador in Palestine – each one separately – Erekat said that Liberman’s decision means the revoking of Israel’s recognition of the PLO.
He called on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to announce the position of his government and whether the government has revoked its recognition of the PLO…
Secretary-General of the Palestinian Popular Struggle Front [and PLO Executive Committee member] Dr. Ahmed Majdalani said that Liberman is the terrorist, and that his government is the one running organized state terror. He added that Liberman’s record is overflowing with murder, destruction, and war crimes against the members of our people.”

On March 16, 2017, Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Liberman declared the Palestinian National Fund of the PLO a terrorist organization. The fund manages financial aid received by the PLO from different sources. The Israeli Ministry of Defense declare the fund a terror organization due to the fund's "massive support for elements responsible for committing severe acts of terrorism against Israel," and stated that the fund serves "as a significant financial pipeline for tens of millions of shekels that are transferred on a monthly basis to security prisoners held in Israel for committing acts of terrorism and to members of their families," and that "the fund also supports family members of terrorists who were wounded and killed while perpetrating acts of terrorism against Israel." It also stated that "the necessary steps will be taken, in Israel and abroad, to seize and forfeit the property and money belonging to the fund.”
Palestinian Media Watch has documented that the PA uses the Palestinian National Fund to transfer money for terrorist salaries to the PLO.